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Government Services: Various Government Forms, Public Examination Results, Online University Admission, Online Birth-Death Registration, VGF-VGD List and Citizen Certificate etc.

Livelihood Based Information: Agriculture, Health, Education, Law and Human Rights, Tourism, Non-Agricultural Enterprises etc. These data are provided from the 'National e-Database' (www.infokosh.bangladesh.gov.bd), a livelihood-based database. Apart from online, UISCs also have offline version (CD/DVD) of National e-Database, so that uninterrupted service can be provided even without internet connection.

Business Services: Mobile Banking - McEntiile Bank, British Council English Education, Computer Training, Photography, Internet Browsing, Email, Fax, Job Information, Compose, Visa Application and Tracking, Domestic and Abroad Video Conferencing, Awareness Video Shows, Printing, Scanning, Photocopying , Laminating, Flexiload, Phone Call, Continental Courier Service Services, Digital Color Banner Making, Photo Enlarging and Interrupting, Video and Photo Shooting for Wedding and Birthday Programs, Computer Servicing, Computer Equipment Sales, Stamp Sales, Notary Public (Media), Land Purchase Application, duplicate application, citizen application, etc.